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Summertime Fairs

Years ago when most American families lived on farms, grew their own crops and raised animals, an enjoyable tradition was the summertime country fair. Families hitched up the horses, mules or oxen to their wagons and loaded good to sell, … Continue reading

Brazil: Summer Games In Winter?

Things are topsy turvy south of the equator, but no need to stand on your head to understand! When the world’s best athletes compete in the summer Olympic games, they’ll actually be visiting the host country in the middle of … Continue reading

Silly Summer Games

Host your own summer Olympics with this crazy collection of cool games that are sure to attract some neighborhood athletes! Inspired by the competition in Brazil, you’ll create your own series of events from an Ice Cream Race to a … Continue reading

Summertime Brain Builders

Summertime brings a break from school, but not from learning! Exercising your brain is just as important for good health as swimming, hiking or running in the summer sun. You won’t be lifting weights or doing jumping jacks to build … Continue reading

Summer Games

It’s great fun to play games outdoors on warm summer days, but there’s one event you won’t want to miss that will bring you inside to cool off. The summer Olympic games, hosted by Brazil in South America, gathers thousands … Continue reading

Summer Jobs For Kids

School’s out and summer’s almost here. Now’s the time to turn learning into earning! Young entrepreneurs will love launching their own neighborhood business during warm summer months, where their math and language skills can be put to work while they … Continue reading

Cooking With Kids: Slammin’ Summer Picnic

Break out the pots and pans to reinforce reading while cooking up some summer fun. This issue highlights a great recipe for a family picnic from master celebrity chef, Guy Fieri. A roasted-turkey sandwich with red-pepper pesto is sure to … Continue reading

Mighty Oak

When summer gently shifts and days begin to cool, you know fall is in the air. Recognizing seasonal indicators opens the world of science to young readers. This issue uses the oak tree to introduce autumn, connecting this majestic tree … Continue reading

Fun with the Sun

Summertime is sunny time, so why not learn more about the most amazing star that makes summer possible? Woodward the Astronaut Mascot launches his summer solar system get away with a fly by cruise past our sun to help young … Continue reading

Backyard Games

You won’t have to wait four years for the summer Olympics to come around! This Kid Scoop issue of Backyard Games will bring the Olympics to your very own home. Gather some friends, family and everyday objects to set up … Continue reading