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Women's History Month

Sonia Sotomayor

Meet one of the Supremes! No, not the famous musical trio, but a woman we can all admire who sits on the highest legal court in the United States of America. Sonia Sotomayor did not have a life of privilege … Continue reading


Legend has it that a brave young girl of only 10 or 11 years once saved the life of an early American settler named Captain John Smith. How could such a young girl be so powerful? Is this story true … Continue reading

Louisa May Alcott

What if you could earn a living by reading and writing? This issue highlights someone who did just that almost 200 years ago. Louisa May Alcott, beloved children’s author of Little Women and several other books, lived in very different … Continue reading

Annie Christmas

America’s rich tradition of tall tales has introduced generations to larger-than-life characters like Feebold Feeboldson, Brer Rabbit and Paul Bunyan. Their adventures define our culture while recalling historical periods and events. This issue focuses on a giant of a woman … Continue reading

Rosa Parks

She grew up in the days when discrimination allowed different rules for different races. She championed change from an inner sense that these laws were just plain wrong, then triggered changes by questioning unfair practices that began with a simple … Continue reading

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter symbolized the coming together of a nation during a time of crisis to “pool” resources and stay strong. Serving a common purpose helped the United States win World War II on the home front and the battle … Continue reading

Soul Surfer: Bethany Hamilton

Heroes are all around and their achievements—great and small—inspire others. One of the most exciting parts of a newspaper reporter’s job is the chance to meet and talk with people who have inspiring stories to tell. In this issue, Kid … Continue reading

Ruby Bridges

Imagine being the only child in your first grade classroom because no parents would allow their children to be with you. Hard to imagine? This happened to young Ruby Bridges who was the first African-American to attend an all white … Continue reading

Maya Angelou

Writer, singer, actor, poet, artist—the life of Maya Angelou inspires on multiple levels. From humble beginnings to world recognition and respect, this multi-talented woman demonstrates that gifts comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and that giftedness knows no cultural, … Continue reading

Women Pirates

Ahoy, Matey! Shiver your timbers around this special Kid Scoop issue that explores the intriguing and dangerous world of piracy on the high seas—with a unique twist that spotlights female pirates. Learn how these women disguised themselves to fool shipmates … Continue reading