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Earthquake In Haiti

Get the Scoop on:
How to help
How do earthquakes happen?
Where is Haiti?
Find out more about Haiti
Tell us how you are helping. Inspire others with your actions!
Update: How I helped - stories from kids who've helped!

Many lives were lost and many people need help following Haiti's earthquake. Kids everywhere are saying:

Kids can help, too!

There are LOTS of ways kids like you can help.

Learn More - Haiti Earthquake Information Page

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How do earthquakes happen?
When you crack the shell of a hard-boiled egg, you get a lot of separate pieces or plates of shell. The crust of the earth is like the shell of a hard-boiled egg. It is broken up into plates, too. But, unlike the pieces of a hard-boiled egg, the plates of the earth's crust move. Learn more about earthquakes and where Haiti is located.

It All Adds Up

Following Hurricane Katrina, Kid Scoop readers came up with creative ideas to raise a lot of money, a little at a time. A student in Pennsylvania told us...

"We helped with a game called PENNY WARS! In Penny Wars, each class competes against other classes. Each class tried to have the smallest amount of money in its class bin at the end of the week. How? Students donate money to another class's bin to make the amount in the other bins higher than the home class bin. We hoped to raise $400 in the week-long competition. Thanks to generous donations, we raised 5 times our goal, a total of $2,184,60!"
      Justin, 6th grade
      Pennwood Middle School
      Yardley, PA

This Idea Makes Cents
Ask an adult if there are some chores around home you could do to raise a little money for Haiti earthquake victims. You'll be helping two places at once!

Create a Poster

Several organizations are asking the public to donate money to help get the supplies they need to assist people affected by the earthquake. Make a poster, or several posters, that includes these words:

Please donate what you can to:
(name of organization)
(Web address)
(phone number)

Illustrate your poster with helping hands, smiling faces, or people saying "Thank You!" Ask local businesses, doctors and dentists offices and more if they will display your poster in their windows. Your artwork will attract attention in a very special way!

Agencies To Contact

Below are just some of the many agencies rushing to assist in Haiti. Look for more in your newspaper or at your newspaper's Web site.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross provides help to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

UNICEF is helping in Haiti by providing children with clean water, food and emergency security services.


CARE is providing emergency food, shelter and medical aid following the largest earthquake to strike Haiti in 200 years.

After a disaster like the Haiti earthquake, disease can spread quickly without proper sanitation and clean drinking water which Oxfam helps to provide.

Tell Us How You Helped!

Your actions can inspire others.
Send us a letter or an e-mail telling us what you did to help people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. How did helping make you feel? We may even share your letter with other Kid Scoop readers at in the weeks ahead.

Send your letters to:
      Kid Scoop/How I Helped
      P.O. Box 1802
      Sonoma, CA 95476

Please include your school and grade. Sorry, we cannot return letters mailed to the Kid Scoop offices.

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