Just Plain Weird

Fascinating features and odd occurrences—we bring you some of the more bizarre stories of the day.

Girl finds “Excalibur”

As the legend goes, the dying King Arthur threw his magical sword Excalibur, into a lake where a hand emerged and took it below. On vacation with his family, Paul Jones had just related this story before he and his … Continue reading

Want to land here?

The Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport has one of the shortest runways in the world at 1,312 ft (400 meters). It’s way too short for a jet to land and will only allow small propeller aircraft landings. Not only is it … Continue reading

Zombie Worms

According to the World Register of Marin Species, there are five different kinds of zombie worms. And while they don’t actually have stomachs, they do like to eat bones. Technically, the first burrow into the bone, then dissolve the bone … Continue reading

This Rescue Bunny Reigns as the Furry Champ of Jenga

Morty wasn’t always able to spend his days playing games – but now, he enjoys a life of luxury challenging his owner to Jenga competitions. Continue reading

Giant Iceberg

Over the Easter weekend, a giant iceberg appeared off the coast of a small town called Ferryland in Newfoundland. It is estimated to be about 150 feet (46m) high. Continue reading

Glowworm Caves

On your next trip to New Zealand’s North Island, take in a boat ride through the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. The caves are home to a species of glowworm only found here. Cave formations also reveal stalactites and stalagmites that have … Continue reading

Staten Island Ferry Octopus Attack

There is a fake memorial in Battery Park, Manhattan, that honors the deceased victims of a giant octopus attack of a Staten Island ferry. Read the full story.


Here’s a word I’m betting you have never come across—SNOLLYGOSTER. As of February 2017 it has been reinstated into the Collegiate Merriam Webster Dictionary. It had been taken out in 2003 because it was thought that no one used it. … Continue reading

Trappist 1 Discovery

Exciting news revealed yesterday that NASA scientists discovered a new planetary system with seven rocky planets which have the potential to be habitable zones—that means that conditions imply they main contain water which is considered the essential element for life. … Continue reading

Smelly Feet

Polar bears have huge feet which act as snowshoes distributing their heavy weight when they walk over ice fields. Pads on their feet are covered in tiny papillae or bumps that also help their grip on the ice. But here’s … Continue reading