Just Plain Weird

Fascinating features and odd occurrences—we bring you some of the more bizarre stories of the day.

Walking in the Wind

Mount Washington Observatory in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is a weather station where the scientists study weather and climate and conduct educational programs. It is 6,288 feet above sea level and the conditions in the alpine zone are … Continue reading

Frost Flowers

You have to get up very early on a cold and frosty morning to see these: the phenomena known as a frost flower is formed when water drawn up into the stem of a plant forms into a thin layer … Continue reading

Pizza Vending Machine

Soon to be seen in your neighborhood—well, maybe? The Wonderpizza company from Italy has invented a pizza vending machine. It apparently took them five years and six million dollars to develop a machine that delivers a choice of three different … Continue reading

Communicating with Curiosity

By Teagan Wall With cell phones and the internet, we’re used to communicating with anyone, anywhere, quickly and easily. But how do scientists communicate with things that aren’t on our planet—such as the Curiosity rover on Mars? This communication beyond … Continue reading

Petals Make Nests

Two discoveries, far apart and on the very same day identified species of bees that build their underground nests from petals and mud. In Turkey the female bees favor yellow, pink, blue and purple petals but in Iran, the rare … Continue reading

Two Moons?

NASA says there is another moon orbiting Earth. It is being called a “quasi-satellite” or a “near-Earth companion” because its orbit is apparently irregular and elliptical. It is actually an asteroid called 2016 HO3and is no larger that 40 meters … Continue reading

Edible Spoons

Narayana Peesapaty is one smart entrepreneur in Hyderabad, India who one day looked at the plastic spoons and forks in landfills and decided there was a better solution. He developed an edible spoon that is made out of different kinds … Continue reading

Another Octopus in the News

Another never-before-seen kind of octopus has just been discovered. Deep on the ocean floor near Hawaii, at a depth of about 4,000 meters, a remote controlled vehicle with a camera onboard caught this ghost-like octopus creeping along. The scientists at … Continue reading

Eagle v. Drone

The Dutch National Police Force is training eagles to take down drones. Eagles are, of course, master hunters. Based in The Hague in Holland, a company called Guard From Above is helping the police by training their eagles to take … Continue reading

The Shape-shifting Tanuki

Is it a badger or a raccoon or maybe a fox? This is actually a Japanese Raccoon dog or a Tanuki. It is famous in Japanese legend for shape shifting as well as being cheeky, playful and mischievous. It is … Continue reading