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Next On Kid Scoop

Here’s a look at upcoming topics Kid Scoop will feature in the weeks and months ahead.

Week of April 2

Close to Goal

Fritter is very close to his goal of raising $100 to visit the Six Wags Amusement Park. This week we see how watching a neighbor’s puppy can help him reach his goal.

Week of April 9

April Showers

Why does it rain? Where does all the water go? This week’s Kid Scoop page explains the water cycle and provides some fascinating facts about rain.

Week of April 16

Bunny Buddies Earth Day

Each year the Bunny Buddies pop up on Kid Scoop to get kids working with a buddy. Have older students do the page with younger students at your school. This year the theme is all about protecting planet Earth.

Week of April 23

Charity Dress Shop

An idea to help people, a letter to President Obama and a letter of encouragement back set this 5th grader on a path to creating her own organization called Charity Dress that collects and redistributes clothing.

Week of April 30

Getting Change

Everyone needs to be able to count change. Encourage your students to learn how with this week’s page.

Week of May 7


Quick, tiny and delightful, this week Kid Scoop gets a close-up look at hummingbirds!

Week of May 14

Wild Flowers

April showers bring May flowers. This week Kid Scoop provides readers with some lessons in plant biology while giving kids tips on how to get outside and identify flowers.

Week of May 21

Working Dog Catches Poachers

Working dogs fulfill a great many roles in communities. This week’s page is filled with puzzles and games on the theme of working dogs.

Week of May 28

He Did It! – Fun Park Funds

It takes a long time to save a large amount of money, but with Thrifty’s help, Fritter put enough aside and now has reached his goal. His trip to the Six Wags Amusement Park is guaranteed. There are important financial literacy lessons to be learned from his experience.