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Next On Kid Scoop

Here’s a look at upcoming topics Kid Scoop will feature in the weeks and months ahead.

Week of February 4

Valentine’s Day

This week Kid Scoop shares a love of learning with a page full of Valentine’s games and puzzles that teach important curriculum concepts.

Week of February 11 and 18

2018 Winter Olympic Games

This year’s Winter Olympic Games will be held in the PyeongChang region of South Korea. This week and next, Kid Scoop looks at the Games, the mascots, the pictograms and more! Learn about time zones, flags and symbols as well as geography.

Week of February 25

Wants and Needs

The key to being smart about spending is know the difference between wants and needs. This week Kid Scoop defines each of these concepts and provides activities to get kids thinking about their own personal wants and needs.

Week of March 4

You Are Front Page News

This week Kid Scoop is a “fill in the blanks” page in which your students can write about themselves and make themselves the topic of the week. Great for building self-esteem! And, because this is Newspaper In Education Week, the page will be packed with learning activities that utilize the entire newspaper.

Week of March 11

Pygmy Marmoset

Our Leprechaun reporter, Paddy O’Brien, likes small things. This St. Patrick’s Day he introduces Kid Scoop readers to the world’s tiniest monkey, the Pygmy Marmoset. It grows to be only about 3.5 ounces (100 grams), about the weight of a deck of cards! Cute and tiny, this little monkey is a high interest topic around which we will provide language arts and math activities.

Week of March 18


Finger nails and toe nails that is! This week Kid Scoop looks at these nails. Why do we have them? What are they made of? How long can they grow? There is so much to know!

Week of March 25

April Fools!

April Fools’ Day provides a perfect time to look at the science of laughter—why we laugh and how laughter affects our wellbeing and how it might even help in healing.