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Next On Kid Scoop

Here’s a look at upcoming topics Kid Scoop will feature in the weeks and months ahead.

Week of August 6


Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun and is made up of gas. It is very, very cold and is said to be the windiest planet in the Solar System.

Week of August 13

Our Moon

As the Earth orbits the sun, our Moon orbits the Earth. This week’s Kid Scoop page will show you how the Moon changes through its different phases and how we see only the side lit by the sun.

Week of August 20


Pluto is a dwarf planet and is even smaller than our Moon. It takes 248 Earth years to orbit the sun. Scientists recently discovered that is was made up of two thirds rock and one third ice.

Week of August 27

The Nonsense Expert

Gelett Burgess is remembered as a nonsense expert. In fact, your students may use words that he invented. This week Kid Scoop introduces today’s young people to the nonsense writer of the 1800s, inventor of wonderful words such as “blurb” and “goop.”

Week of September 3

Conflict Resolution Part 1 of 3 – Fair or Foul

Kid Scoop provides students with a definition of conflict and introduces the different ways people tend to respond to conflicts. In part 1 of this three-part series on conflict resolution, students identify fair and foul responses to conflicts.

Week of September 10

Conflict Resolution Part 2 of 3

Students continue identifying FAIR and FOUL ways to respond to a conflict. Kid Scoop presents a conflict to discuss. Have students write what they think the children having the conflict should do.

Week of September 17

Conflict Resolution Part 3 of 3

This week’s Kid Scoop page provides examples of real-life school conflicts. Students examine the different FAIR and FOUL ways to respond. Have students choose the way they think the children should respond and explain why.

Week of September 24

Setting Goals

Knowing how to set goals is a life skill that helps people manage their time and money by breaking big goals into smaller, realistic ones. This week, our pals Thrifty and Fritter face the idea of setting goals. This page provides activities that teach goal setting and tracking.