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Indoor Fun for Cold Winter Days

If it is too cold to go outside, you can find plenty of fun things do inside! Here are activities that will keep your kids active and having fun, even if the weather prevents playing outdoors.

Wall Art

Hang large sheets of paper on a wall to make a giant canvas. Get out crayons, markers or paint and let the creativity flow!

Indoor Hopscotch

Grab a roll of masking tape or painter’s tape to lay out a hopscotch design on your floor.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Put on some music and dance together. Raise your heart rate, raise your voice to sing and laugh and all the while create memories that will last. Make cellphone videos to share with family and friends that live far away and challenge them to a winter dance competition!

Mirror Madness

Pair up! Face your partner and have one person be the mirror. The person who is not the mirror takes a pose. The “mirror” tries to match the pose as quickly as possible. Switch roles.

Memory Book

Print out your favorite family pictures and start a scrapbook of family memories.

Help Others

Take some time to help other people. Make cards for people confined indoors and/or veterans. Go through clothes and toys and find ones you can clean and donate.

Memory Book

Look in the library for plays for kids. Have your children decide on a play and then go through the steps to put on the show. (They can just select a scene or two and include some friends to join in the fun.)

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