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Story Map for Writing Success

A newspaper and a story combine to help your young author write a story.


Pick a picture of a place from the newspaper. It could be a street scene or a park or landscape. Cut out the picture and pin it in the center of a display board. This will be the location, or setting, of the story.


Draw a line from the picture and write the name of the main character in the story. Draw another line and list the supporting characters that will be in the story. Your child can draw a picture of each character on the Story Map board.


Draw a line from the picture and make three boxes.

In the first, briefly describe what will happen in the beginning of the story. In the middle box, describe what will happen in the middle and in the third describe how the story will end. What happens in the story is the plot.

This activity helps your child organize his or her ideas and teach about setting, characters and plot.

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