Christmas Lights Puzzle

Which of these replacement bulbs will continue the pattern on this string of lights? Continue reading

Pollution Problem

Help the surfers keep the ocean clean. Draw an X through all the stuff that doesn’t belong in the ocean.

Udder Confusion!

Only two of these cows are exact duplicates. Can you find them?

Varied Valentines

Mrs. Lovecraft’s class made an amazing variety of Valentine hearts. Only two of them are exactly alike. Can you find them?

Lookalike Lunches

Each lunch below has an exact duplicate, except one. Find it, as well as each matching lunch.

Major League Mix-Up

There are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. How well do you know the team names? We’ve scrambled their names—can you rewrite them correctly? Check your answers by looking at the MLB standing in your newspaper’s sports section.

Something’s Fishy

Find each fish’s identical twin as well as the one unique fish in this challenging Kid Scoop puzzle.

Go Team

College football fans are known for their intense team loyalty. How many differences can you find in these two pictures?