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Smart fun in the summertime!

Each summer, the award-winning Kid Scoop newspaper activity page becomes Camp Kid Scoop. Get the full scoop here.

Kid Scoop is a smart way to grow home delivery and revenue

Each week, Kid Scoop brings students interactive games, activities, puzzles and more in a bright and bouncy, award-winning content for your newspaper or website. Our content provides kids and their family reading selections and games they enjoy together. This wealth of warm, fun-filled content is now in more than 350 newspapers and websites! Take a closer look by seeing a free sample of Kid Scoop.

“The kids love seeing their writing published in the Weekly Writing Corner and the teachers love having something fun and educational that is linked to standards. We hear much praise for the Kid Scoop page in the letters we receive from students and teachers.” — Colleen Benson, NIE Coordinator, Akron Beacon Journal (see more testimonials)


Kid Scoop page
Every week throughout the year, Kid Scoop provides a lively in-paper feature that motivates kids to read, learn and enjoy.

The Kid Scoop archives are filled with great pages that can be ordered individually or in sets.

My Kid Scoop
Designed to teach little learners basic literacy and number concepts.

Kid Scoop and My Kid Scoop are both available in Spanish, too! Some newspapers run both the English and Spanish version together.

Kid Scoop News
This monthly children's educational newspaper is available as an E-Edition or a tab for inclusion with your newspaper.


Download Zone (login)
When you're signed up and given your passwords, downloading the pages you need each week is as easy as 1-2-3.

Publication Schedule
Check this thorough listing to find out what is coming up on the Kid Scoop page and the Writing Corner topics for each page.

Free pages
To support Teachers and Newspapers we created pages to download free of charge with much-needed information on Hand Washing, Hurricanes, Tsunami and Haiti.

Teacher Scoop
Available every month, this newsletter lets teachers know what is coming up on Kid Scoop and ideas for using the newspaper in the classroom.

WWC Certificate (PDF)
Here's a certificate to use to reward students for their writing. If a student has an entry included in the Writing Corner of the Kid Scoop page, simply fill out the certificate and send it to thank them for a job well done.

NIE with Kid Scoop

About NIE
Newspapers in Education is national, cooperative effort to promote and use newspapers in the classroom as an educational resource.

The Scoop Blog
Designed to foster discussion about key topics among NIE and newspaper professionals.

Teacher Guide
Want to use the newspaper in your classroom but don't know where to start? Click here.

Teleclinic CDs
Kid Scoop offers training for your NIE staff using time-tested, result-driven techniques to generate revenue, teacher sign-ups and get sponsorship dollars.

Construction Kit
Whether you're building a NIE department from the ground up or looking for fresh ideas for an existing one, the Construction Kit is the place to start.

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