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Tag Archives: animals

Owen and Mzee

Everything you need to know about Owen and Mzee including a documentary, slides of Haller Park and the other animals that reside there, a music video, details about the books and Hipposodes—animated shorts. Continue reading

Sea Otters

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an exhibit where you can watch otters from the surface or underwater. But if you can’t visit Monterey, there’s a live sea otter cam and also video highlights of daily activity. Web Links Sea Otter … Continue reading

Working Animals

Service dogs are highly trained and adept at guiding their handlers. Watch this video of a surfing service dog. Continue reading


Watch a video of hummingbird chicks learning to fly. Continue reading

How to Draw a Chicken

Start with an egg, add a head, tail, wings and feet and you have a chicken. You can also download a printable PDF! Download PDF

Smelly Feet

Polar bears have huge feet which act as snowshoes distributing their heavy weight when they walk over ice fields. Pads on their feet are covered in tiny papillae or bumps that also help their grip on the ice. But here’s … Continue reading

Killer Whales

This BBC documentary shows killer whales from both above and below the water’s surface. Web Links Active WildUnderwater footage shows killer whales playing while the site showing whale watching in Santa Cruz details killer whale facts including markings, size, habitat, … Continue reading

Polar Bears

Polar bear cubs are born blind and tiny. Watch this amazing video of newborn cubs from a camera inside a den. Web Links San Diego Zoo Kids: Polar BearThe San Diego Zoo website has lots of great pictures and facts … Continue reading


A variety of games here use the famous Dr. Seuss character with his own sense of logic and made-up words. Web Links Cats for KidsHere’s a good basic site that teaches kids all about cats—their history, how to care for … Continue reading

Flying Discs

Animal Planet Expo Frisbee Game has you jumping to catch as many Frisbees as they come flying at you. Web Links Frisbee FroInstead of catching Frisbees, this game has you aiming for markers but watch out for the wind as … Continue reading