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Tag Archives: bugs

Petals Make Nests

Two discoveries, far apart and on the very same day identified species of bees that build their underground nests from petals and mud. In Turkey the female bees favor yellow, pink, blue and purple petals but in Iran, the rare … Continue reading


Watch as dragonflies go through their metamorphosis. Beautiful photography captures the special moments. Web Links Wings in MotionThis made for children video describes the different characteristics of dragonflies and shows in slow motion how their four wings move as they … Continue reading

Dung Beetles

Dung beetles are incredibly strong. Watch this video showing a dung beetle wrestling its ball of dung uphill and then burying it underground. With its larva inside, the dung provide sustenance for the emerging larva. Web Links The Dance of … Continue reading


Here’s everything you need to know about breeding crickets. This 10 minute film shows the life cycle of crickets from the female laying her eggs to the adult stage. Web Links MagicBox Cricket InfoA short video that describes different kinds … Continue reading

Beneficial Bugs

Navigate the ladybug through different garden mazes for some online fun. Web Links San Diego Zoo: LadybugsAll about these helpful, hungry insects. Nature’s AmazingA Youtube video of ladybugs with lots of fun facts and photographs. Praying MantisWatch this amazing video … Continue reading

Bug Defenses

In this game, first you build your bug then you add stuff to help your bug survive the swamp crossing. Web Links 10 Amazing TacticsBugs can be display some inventive ways to stay alive and escape predators. Some simple rely … Continue reading


The world outside the ant colony is rumored to have plentiful food. Figure out the best angle to launch the hero ant on the leaf sling so he will travel as far as possible. Web Links Amazing Ant FactsThis video … Continue reading


Watch the video as a housefly lands inside a venus fly trap. It starts to feed and then quick as a flash … Web Links Get the BuzzFind out all you need to know about the common housefly. Did you … Continue reading

Burrowing Bugs

The trapdoor spider’s underground burrow has a hinged lid. It lies in wait and ambushes its prey. Web Links Feeding a trapdoor spiderThe trapdoor spider’s specialty is in ambushing prey. Hidden down in the ground, it then jumps out and … Continue reading


In Madagascar there’s a cockroach as big as a mouse. It’s defense mechanism is to hiss at you. Web Links Natural History MuseumCockroaches exist all over the world except in the polar regions. Read about some of the cockroach record … Continue reading