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Tag Archives: Financial Literacy


In this game you can help will sort out wants from needs. Continue reading

Saving Smarts

Start teaching your kids about saving as soon as they have a regular incomeā€”i.e. an allowance. Help them understand that all the money they receive is not for spending immediately on candy, toys or games. To help teach kids about … Continue reading

Budgeting for the Holidays

Put the puzzle pieces together and then learn some fun facts about money. Continue reading

Money Trade

These cartoons show how trading goods and bartering developed into coinage and the ways we pay for goods today. Continue reading

The Great Penny Debate

Where do you stand on the Great Penny Debate? Continue reading

Weird Money

Through the ages, forms of money have been created in all shapes and sizes. Continue reading

Close to Goal

Get as much money in your piggy bank as possible by figuring out the correct change. This game can be played with money from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia! Web Links Kid Scoop Money Matters ebookFinancial Literacy … Continue reading

Saving Success

Drive around Coin City and pick up coins and take them to the bank. Play the regular version to just get the right amount to the bank or play the advanced version to get the right amount with the target … Continue reading

Saving Money

Take three of your friends on a winter ski adventure. Pick up all the items you’ll need along the way and look out for those mishaps. Web Links Kid Scoop Money Matters ebookFinancial Literacy is a must for students to … Continue reading

Wants and Needs

Are you cash clever? Watch this video to find out! Web Links Kid Scoop Money Matters ebookFinancial Literacy is a must for students to be smart consumers and understand how economics affects their lives. When the topic is money, suddenly … Continue reading