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Tag Archives: Olympics

2016 Summer Olympic Games

As the attention of the world turns to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the opening of the Summer Olympics, turn the attention of your students to the newspaper, where they can stay in touch with the news and events of … Continue reading

Get to Know Brazil

“Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Vinicius, the mascot for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. I’m a mix of all of the different animals found in Brazil. I was born out of the explosion of joy that followed the announcement … Continue reading

Amazing Animal Athletes

Watch how animal athletes compare with their human counterparts in strength, speed and ability. Web Links Largest, Fastest, SmartestSome more unusual choices for animal athletes including the archer fish that can fire a jet of water the equivalent length of … Continue reading

Summer Games

As the eyes of the world turn to Rio de Janeiro this summer, the official website takes a look at how their mascots have evolved. Web Links Olympics in the NewsFind out all the latest news including a countdown to … Continue reading