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Tag Archives: Space

Mission to Pluto and Beyond

Going where “no man has gone before,” NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons is headed to the mysterious Kuiper Belt. Continue reading

Eclipse 101

Engage your curiosity and challenge your mind with these NASA resources, and make August 21 a day to remember. Continue reading


The Voyagers – Exploring the Solar System and Beyond In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft to explore our solar system and beyond. They were called Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The twin spacecraft were launched to fly to Jupiter and … Continue reading


How did Uranus Turn Sideways? Like Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus is a gas giant. But Uranus is a little different. Unlike all the other planets and most of the moons in our Solar System, Uranus spins on its side. It … Continue reading


In 1997, NASA sent a spacecraft called Cassini to study the planet Saturn. After seven years, in 2004, Cassini arrived and has been sending back pictures and data ever since. Web Links Saturn: Basic Facts from NASAGreat web page with … Continue reading


Watch this short video with facts and pictures all about the planet Mars! Web Links The Mars GenerationThis organization is looking for student space ambassadors interested in space travel, STEM and STEAM. See Latest Pictures From MarsNASA’s Curiosity Rover has … Continue reading


This video has all kinds of facts on the Earth. Watch several times until you can sing along! Web Links Earth RangersCome one … come all … to the most incredible, spectacular, astounding show you have ever seen! Think we’ve … Continue reading

Hello Venus

Venus comes closer to the Earth than any other planet and is the brightest planet we can see. Continue reading

Meet Mercury

Watch this short video with facts and pictures all about the planet Mercury! Web Links Games, Puzzles and More From NASA Mercury: Basic Facts from NASAGreat web page with fascinating facts about Mercury.

Fun with the Sun

NASA has a YouTube video about the sun. It talks about space weather, auroras, the layers of the sun and more! Watch and see if you can find out about a solar sneeze! Web Links National Geographic Explains the SunGreat … Continue reading