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Tag Archives: Space

Hello Venus

Venus comes closer to the Earth than any other planet and is the brightest planet we can see. Continue reading

Meet Mercury

Watch this short video with facts and pictures all about the planet Mercury! Web Links Games, Puzzles and More From NASA Mercury: Basic Facts from NASAGreat web page with fascinating facts about Mercury.

Fun with the Sun

NASA has a YouTube video about the sun. It talks about space weather, auroras, the layers of the sun and more! Watch and see if you can find out about a solar sneeze! Web Links National Geographic Explains the SunGreat … Continue reading

A Trip Through Our Solar System

NASA has a website where you can learn all about space! The Solar System Explorer game contains several mini-games. You can explore the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets by clicking on them. Then, for some of the objects with NASA … Continue reading

Trappist 1 Discovery

Exciting news revealed yesterday that NASA scientists discovered a new planetary system with seven rocky planets which have the potential to be habitable zones—that means that conditions imply they main contain water which is considered the essential element for life. … Continue reading

Communicating with Curiosity

By Teagan Wall With cell phones and the internet, we’re used to communicating with anyone, anywhere, quickly and easily. But how do scientists communicate with things that aren’t on our planet—such as the Curiosity rover on Mars? This communication beyond … Continue reading

Two Moons?

NASA says there is another moon orbiting Earth. It is being called a “quasi-satellite” or a “near-Earth companion” because its orbit is apparently irregular and elliptical. It is actually an asteroid called 2016 HO3and is no larger that 40 meters … Continue reading