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Tag Archives: sports

2018 Winter Olympics

There’s so much science and STEM involved in winter Olympic sports. Continue reading

Going for the Gold

The Olympic Torch will be used to signal the opening on the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea on February 9. Use the newspaper coverage of the event—both in print and online—to follow the achievements of athletes from all over … Continue reading

STEM Basketball

Aerodynamics, statistics, chemical engineering. Understanding STEM can change the way you play sports or enjoy watching them. Web Links STEM In SportsMagic Johnson shares how math made his dreams come true. Watch this video and explore more STEM activities. Basketball … Continue reading

STEM of Baseball

When you watch Major League Baseball, you’re seeing STEM in action. The science of aerodynamics is in every pitch. Engineering is part of every bat, ball, glove and helmet. And the math of statistics can inform a team’s strategy. When … Continue reading

Major League Mix-Up

There are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. How well do you know the team names? We’ve scrambled their names—can you rewrite them correctly? Check your answers by looking at the MLB standing in your newspaper’s sports section.

One Man Team

This game called One Man Team has you trying to score a goal as quickly as possible avoiding the defenders who can get in your way. Web Links Ball JugglingMath skills are needed for this ball juggling practice. World Cup … Continue reading