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Tag Archives: thanksgiving

Tasty Towns and Locales

Do you know how many places are named after turkeys or cranberries? Continue reading

The First Thanksgiving

After two months at sea they reached a new world but once there, they barely survived. Bring the story of the first Thanksgiving to life with these videos which reenact the relationships between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags. Web Links … Continue reading

Thanksgiving is Time to Talk

When the family comes together for a Thanksgiving dinner, it offers a great time to share family history and stories. Pass out question cards to the kids and let them interview their elders. Here are some sample questions: When you … Continue reading

Thanks Giving Napkin Rings

Stuff you’ll need: Mark cardboard tube with cutlines 1 1/2 inches apart. Cut tube into 1 1/2 inch rings. Cut strips of construction paper 1 1/2 inches wide by about 6 1/2 inches long. Glue strip of paper around tube … Continue reading

Tasty Turkey Muffins

Makes a great Thanksgiving Day breakfast to enjoy while watching the parade! Continue reading

Turkey Day Fun

Have you ever wondered what those colorful fleshy things around a turkey’s beak are? Alex, who lives on a turkey farm in northwestern Minnesota, explains in this video. Web Links Learn More about Wild TurkeysWild turkeys don’t look much like … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

Enjoy this game of critical thinking as you place your Thanksgiving guests around the dinner table based on their likes and dislikes. Web Links Talk Like a PilgrimThe Pilgrims didn’t talk like we do today. 17th century English will sound … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Learning

Like a Thanksgiving cornucopia, newspapers are filled to the brim with learning opportunities for your students. Thanksgiving Mystery Students play this game in pairs. One child selects a picture from the newspaper but keeps their choice a secret. Then they … Continue reading