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Love to Write

pig-writeHere’s some ways to light a fire and inspire your creative writers. Use the newspaper to help your students find themes, vocabulary, imagination, humor and use them in their writing.

Create a Story

Ask your students to select pictures of two different people from the newspaper. Then they should make up first and last names for each one. Have them create a way for the people to know each other. Describe their relationship. What are the best qualities of each character? Write a quotation for each character. Then they should use this information to write a story.

Verbs that Rock

Some verbs are vigorous and some are “ho-hum.” Let your students look through the newspaper for verbs that add a lot of action to a sentence. Then they should look through the newspaper for “ho-hum” verbs. Replace the “ho-hum” verbs with vigorous verbs. Discuss the difference it makes to the sentence.

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