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Summer Scrapbook!

Your Town Scrapbook

Students can do this at home or in school. Make up an imaginary town or make a scrapbook of your own town, but first things first. Decide on a layout (page size and shape) for the book. Also think about the backgrounds and colors. Once these things have been decided, let’s start with:

Events Calendar: Make a calendar of summer months and the events going on in your town. First draw your calendar and then look for newspaper listings to provide information on days and times. Look out for ads to glue onto your calendar of special events and shows you’d like to attend. Make a timeline of events you would like to go to.

Map of My Town: You can draw your own, print one from the Internet or copy one from a map book. Use the newspaper to remind yourself of places or locations you would like to feature on your map like your school, favorite playground, ice cream store, and movie theater. Highlight your favorite places.

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