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“Thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for us this year. The children love, love writing and can’t wait to see what the next writing is every week. I hope some of them will continue to write in the summer and we will definitely write next year although I may be in a different grade next year. Again, thank you, thank you!”

- Patty Rosnick,
Fredericksburg Academy

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Next on Kid Scoop

Week of June 1

20 Awesome Summer Boredom Busters

Here comes summer and to make sure your students have a checklist of things to keep them busy, Kid Scoop has come up with some clever and creative ways to keep your students engaged, occupied and having fun.

Week of June 8

Father's Day

Now it's the turn of the dads (or a special man in your life). Learn what you can do to make this day a special day.

Week of June 15

Outdoor Bill of Rights

Discover ten amazing, inspiring and fun things to do outdoors this summer. Every child should have the opportunity to splash in water, camp under the stars, explore nature, follow a trail and much more. Learn all about them in this week's Kid Scoop.

Week of June 22

Healthy Hearts

This page has facts and tips about the human heart and its role in keeping you healthy. We'll include some heart pumping ideas to keep you on the move and in tip-top shape.

Week of June 29

Water Sports and Safety

Most students will spend some of the summer in and around water. This week's Kid Scoop page looks at water sports and also explains some essential elements to stay safe in and around water.

Week of July 6

Soccer World Cup

This summer, sports lovers worldwide will be watching the World Cup Soccer Championship in Brazil. Soccer is a hugely popular game throughout South America and the tournament promises to be an entertaining event. The home team, Brazil, will be one of the favorites to win.

Week of July 13

Fitness Fun

Why is physical exercise important? With obesity a growing problem with school children, teaching them why and how they should exercise is now a national concern. Kid Scoop supplies some ways your students can read to follow directions, have fun and get fit!

Week of July 20


Why is blood red? This week's Kid Scoop explores blood and what it does for our bodies. In accompanying activities, students will also practice measuring liquids.

Week of July 27

Junkyard Sports

Don't throw out that trash! It might make good fitness equipment. This week, Kid Scoop looks at how everyday objects can be used for fun and games that promote fitness. Students will read to follow directions and use problem solving skills to solve puzzles and games.

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