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Weekly Writing Corner

“Thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for us this year. The children love, love writing and can’t wait to see what the next writing is every week. I hope some of them will continue to write in the summer and we will definitely write next year although I may be in a different grade next year. Again, thank you, thank you!”

- Patty Rosnick,
Fredericksburg Academy

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Weekly Writing Corner

Where Children Experience the Power of the Pen! Learn more.

One teacher reports that on one morning, after sharing the student's stories that had just been published in the newspaper, one of her published students said, "This is the proudest moment of my life!" What better way to encourage young writers.

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When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? Explain why.

Deadline: May 4

Published: Week of June 1

Greatest Dad

If there were an award for the greatest dad, who would you award it to and why? You could award it to a dad, granddad, uncle or a friend.

Deadline: May 11

Published: Week of June 8

Summer Jokes and Riddles

Send us your favorite summer jokes and riddles.

Deadline: May 18

Published: Week of June 15

Heart Thumping Ideas

What do you do to exercise your heart?

Deadline: May 25

Published: Week of June 22

My Own Water Game

Make up a game that includes water. It could be played in water or with water. It might use a hose or a squirting device.

Deadline: June 1

Published: Week of June 29

Sports Story

Write a short sports story about something that happened in a game you played or watched. Be sure to include who, what, when, where why and how.

Deadline: June 8

Published: Week of July 6

Human Power

What can you do for entertainment that does not use electricity? Describe at least three different activities and what it is about each that you like best.

Deadline: June 15

Published: Week of July 13

Silly Science

Use your imagination! Come up with five or more imaginative reasons why blood is red.

Deadline: June 22

Published: Week of July 20

Junkyard Sports

Invent a game using something you would normally throw away. Turn trash into fun!

Deadline: June 29

Published: Week of July 27

What makes you laugh?

What makes you laugh out loud?

Deadline: July 6

Published: Week of August 3

I'm Proud of My Skin

Think of five or more positive adjectives that describe your skin. Write a paragraph that proudly describes your skin.

Deadline: July 13

Published: Week of August 10

Batter Up

It was my turn at bat and the fans were going crazy... Finish this story.

Deadline: July 20

Published: Week of August 17

Summer Jokes & Riddles

Tell us your favorite jokes and riddles.

Deadline: July 27

Published: Week of August 24

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