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Fitness Information
Audience: Adults who work with children

The American Council on Exercise weighs in with a great list of links aimed at adults who work and/or live with children. These aren’t lesson plans but highly recommended food for thought and conversation.

Fitness Activities
Audience: Elementary to Middle School classrooms

Ayden Elementary School in North Carolina has posted a barn-full of great physical education lesson plans adaptable to nearly any situation by pulling down the menus for integrated curriculum, fitness, tag games, classroom games, health/nutrition, and more. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check out the links to other physical education lesson plan resources. This is one of the finest sites I’ve seen in a long time; cleanly designed, packed with content, easy to use and valuable to a wide audience. And I’m not alone in that opinion; the site’s been visited more than 821,000 times.

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