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Weekly Writing Corner

The Weekly Writing Corner gives young learners a unique avenue to experience the power of the pen! Kid Scoop offers a weekly writing prompt that gives young people an opportunity to be published in their local Kid Scoop-supported newspaper. We recommend that teachers use the writing schedule as a regular part of your curriculum as the writing prompt relates to the weekly Kid Scoop theme. All entries should be submitted directly to your local newspaper.



Describe an area of the Earth that you would like to explore and explain your choice.

Deadline: September 3
Published: Week of Oct. 1

The Oak Tree

One day I was climbing the old oak tree when …
Finish this story.

Deadline: September 10
Published: Week of Oct. 8

Talking Otter

You have been asked to interview a talking otter. Write up this imaginary interview. What will you ask the otter? What will the otter say in response?

Deadline: September 17
Published: Week of Oct. 15

Costume Ideas

Come up with an idea for a Halloween costume and give directions on how to make it. Use your imagination!

Deadline: September 24
Published: Week of Oct. 22

Halloween Jokes & Riddles

Share with us your favorite Halloween jokes and riddles.

Deadline: October 1
Published: Week of Oct. 29

Thank a Veteran

November 11th is Veterans Day. Write a short note to say thank you to the many veterans who have served our country.

Deadline: October 8
Published: Week of Nov. 5

Volunteers Rock

Tell us about a volunteer you would like to thank and how they make a difference.

Deadline: October 15
Published: Week of Nov. 12

Thanksgiving Poem

Write a poem about Thanksgiving.

Deadline: October 22
Published: Week of Nov. 19

Start a Business

If you could start a business, what would it be? Explain why you would like to start this business.

Deadline: October 29
Published: Week of Nov. 26

Science in Your Life

How has science made your life better?

Deadline: November 5
Published: Week of Dec. 3

I built my house of …

Finish this sentence and then write five details about your home.

Deadline: November 12
Published: Week of Dec. 10


Describe some wonderful gifts that money can’t buy.

Deadline: November 19
Published: Week of Dec. 17

Holiday Traditions

What does your family do to celebrate the winter holidays? which is your favorite holiday tradition?

Deadline: November 26
Published: Week of Dec. 24

Weekly Writing Corner Certificate

Students thrive on encouragement. And what better way to encourage a budding writer than with a Certificate of Appreciation. If your student has a letter published on the Kid Scoop page, simply download the Kid Scoop Congratulations certificate, add the students name and present them with their award.

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