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Weekly Writing Corner

The Weekly Writing Corner gives young learners a unique avenue to experience the power of the pen! Kid Scoop offers a weekly writing prompt that gives young people an opportunity to be published in their local Kid Scoop-supported newspaper. We recommend that teachers use the writing schedule as a regular part of your curriculum as the writing prompt relates to the weekly Kid Scoop theme. All entries should be submitted directly to your local newspaper.


Winter Olympic Sport

What is your favorite winter Olympic sport? Explain why this is your choice.

Deadline: January 7
Published: Week of Feb. 4

Spirit of the Olympics

Some people talk about the “Spirit of the Olympics.” What do you think that means?

Deadline: January 14
Published: Week of Feb. 11

Fitness Favorite

What is your favorite way to exercise? Why?

Deadline: January 21
Published: Week of Feb. 18

Setting Goals

Think of three goals you would like to achieve in your future. Is there anything you could do now to help you prepare?

Deadline: January 28
Published: Week of Feb. 25

Sweet Talk

Have you ever sweet-talked someone into helping you with a chore or into simply doing it for you? How did you do it?

Deadline: February 4
Published: Week of Mar. 4

All that glitters …

Finish this sentence and then write a story with this as the first sentence.

Deadline: February 11
Published: Week of Mar. 11

Healthy Snacks

Write an advertisement for a healthy snack. Why should kids choose this instead of chips, candy and other unhealthy snacks?

Deadline: February 18
Published: Week of Mar. 18

Easter Bunny Spotted!

News Flash! You have just spotted the Easter Bunny! Write a news article about the sighting. Be sure to include who, what, when, where, why and how.

Deadline: February 25
Published: Week of Mar. 25

Money Math

Write a math problem that solves a money question. Check your answer for accuracy. For example, Tina had $7.50. then purchased a book that cost $3.45. How much did she have left? (Answer: $4.05)

Deadline: March 4
Published: Week of Apr. 1

If I were allergic to …

Pick something silly to be allergic to. How would this change your life?

Deadline: March 11
Published: Week of Apr. 8

Good Turn

Write about a good turn you did and how it helped someone or something.

Deadline: March 18
Published: Week of Apr. 15

Fiesta Time

Fiesta is how you say festival in Spanish. Pretend you are in charge of a festival. What will people do? What will they eat?

Deadline: March 25
Published: Week of Apr. 22

Weekly Writing Corner Certificate

Students thrive on encouragement. And what better way to encourage a budding writer than with a Certificate of Appreciation. If your student has a letter published on the Kid Scoop page, simply download the Kid Scoop Congratulations certificate, add the students name and present them with their award.

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