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Weekly Writing Corner

The Weekly Writing Corner gives young learners a unique avenue to experience the power of the pen! Kid Scoop offers a weekly writing prompt that gives young people an opportunity to be published in their local Kid Scoop-supported newspaper. We recommend that teachers use the writing schedule as a regular part of your curriculum as the writing prompt relates to the weekly Kid Scoop theme. All entries should be submitted directly to your local newspaper.


Best Book of the Summer

Tell other kids about a book you think they should read this summer. Have fun describing the details, but don’t give away the ending!

Deadline: May 7
Published: Week of June 4

Greatest Dad

If there was a Greatest Dad award, who would you give it to and why?

Deadline: May 14
Published: Week of June 11

When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? Write a paragraph about the job you would like to have one day and why you would be good at it.

Deadline: May 21
Published: Week of June 18

Is the moon made of cheese?

Why do you think so or why not?

Deadline: May 28
Published: Week of June 25

Ticket to Space

Pretend you could win a ride into space on a rocket. Write a paragraph telling why you should win that prize.

Deadline: June 4
Published: Week of July 2

That’s Strange

What is one of the strangest things you have ever heard about?

Deadline: June 11
Published: Week of July 9

Go Explore!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Why? What would you take with you?

Deadline: June 18
Published: Week of July 16

Walking on Air

Describe what your life would be like without gravity.

Deadline: June 25
Published: Week of July 23

Summer Laughs

Tell us your favorite summer jokes and riddles.

Deadline: July 2
Published: Week of July 30

Report from Space

Pretend you are living on a space station and write a report about life in space.

Deadline: July 9
Published: Week of August 6

It was so cold that …

Finish this story.

Deadline: July 16
Published: Week of August 13

Write Words Wonderfully

Write a sentence in which all the words, or nearly all of the words start with the same letter. Example: The reporter read that red rockets rarely reach radar range.

Deadline: July 23
Published: Week of August 20

Why read?

Why is it important to know how to read? Tell other students the reason reading is important and entertaining.

Deadline: July 30
Published: Week of August 27

Weekly Writing Corner Certificate

Students thrive on encouragement. And what better way to encourage a budding writer than with a Certificate of Appreciation. If your student has a letter published on the Kid Scoop page, simply download the Kid Scoop Congratulations certificate, add the students name and present them with their award.

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