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Each week, Kid Scoop publishes a Weekly Writing Corner topic for students to respond to. See our list of weekly topics.

But you don’t always have to write on one of our topics. If you love to write, you can write on the topic of your choice in the space below and send it in to us.


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Here are some of our best stories:

Raining Money! by Dillon, 2nd grade

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jackson. He had no money and could not afford food. He had almost no money and he almost went bankrupt. His sales were terrible. Then, all of a sudden, money fell out of the sky. After he said raining money, money rained down on him. And he was such a happy person. He was so happy he could hardly even speak. He became such a nice person and he gave out the money from the sky.

Surfing IS fun! by Ava, 4th grade

One day Erin’s mom & dad took her & her brother to the beach. The minute they stepped onto the beach, Erin’s brother immediately picked up his surfboard, ran to the ocean, & made new friends, and started surfing with them. Then Erin’s mom said “Why don’t you go makes some friends and see if they want to surf with you? Look at those girls over there.” But then Erin said “I’m scared of the ocean.” But Erin & her mom kept on arguing. Erin finally went over, made them her friends, & they taught her how to surf. When her mom called her to go, she said “A little bit more? & also mom, thanks for telling me to do that because surfing IS fun!” So ever since then Erin always surfed. THE END!

The Loch Ness Monster by Aurora, 5th grade

One day a small girl named Emma went camping in the summer with her grandpa named Grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe and Emma went down to the lake, Grandpa Joe started fishing off the dock and Emma jumped into the water. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. Emma saw a big green rock that was not a rock at all it was the Loch Ness Monster. Emma was so SCARED she jumped out of the water. “Grandpa! Look! The Loch Ness Monster!” YELLED Emma in fear. That’s when the Loch Ness Monster swam closer and closer until it was beside the dock … then the Loch Ness Monster waved hi to Emma. Emma smiled “you’re not mean at all” said Emma.


The Cat and the Bird by Ranya, 2nd grade

Once their lived a really cute but homeless cat. The cat loved to chase things. One day while the can was sitting in a box the cat saw a bird. The cat kept chasing that bird. The cat jumped up and then it started to fly. It started to grow wings and a beak and some feathers. After awhile the bird and the cat who became a bird started to be friends. THE END

Exaggerate by Alivia, 5th grade

Instead of just writing one exaggeration, I’m going to list my top six.

1. These pants are so big an elephant could fit them!
2. This marshmallow looks like a dragon roasted it!
3. The rat is almost the size of my car!
4. It’s so cold it feels like the abominable snowman is here!
5. That potato is so small a fish can eat it!
6. This game is so lagy I could walk around the house and back and it would still be loading!

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