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Each week, Kid Scoop publishes a Weekly Writing Corner topic for students to respond to. See our list of weekly topics.

But you don’t always have to write on one of our topics. If you love to write, you can write on the topic of your choice in the space below and send it in to us.


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Here are some of our best stories:

Write Words Wonderfully by Alivia, 5th grade

Here are 3 of my best sentences!

1. Penny picked pickles at Penelope park.
2. Alivia ate another apple.
3. The tree tried to put on the tights.

Walking On Air by Alivia, 5th grade

I think walking on air would feel almost like bouncing on a trampoline and hanging on to that one moment where your stuck in the air swinging your legs back and fourth. I think it would feel like your just … well, stuck in the air. In my opinion it would be cool to find out for myself. If it were possible to walk on air I think I would do it just about every day.

Greatest Dad by Emily, 4th grade

If I had to pick anyone to be the greatest dad I would pick my dad because he does everything in his power for me. Another reason that I would pick my dad is that he also cares for other people besides me, like my mom, his mom, my one sister, my three brothers, and his siblings too! It is not just not just the family he cares for, it is also friends and even strangers. I will love my dad to the very end. And I know that he will love me forever too! That is why my dad deserves that dad award, you know if there ever is one.

Greatest Dad by Hailey, 2nd grade

If I could give one person the greatest dad award I would give it to my dad. My dad is Todd. He is the best dad ever because he let’s me play video games. He also lets me have money whenever I get A’s on my report card. He is my own superhero. It makes me happy when my dad helps others and makes them happy. That is why if I ever could pick one person it would be my dad Todd.

Give or Receive by Paige, 2nd grade

I think it’s nice to give other people things because you can feel happy and other people can feel happy. In my experience, I gave my dad a picture of Garry from ‘Sponge Bob’. He liked it. And I liked it. I also gave my brother a portrait of our family that I drew and he put a check on my dad and an x on my mom :)

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