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Each week, Kid Scoop publishes a Weekly Writing Corner topic for students to respond to. See our list of weekly topics.

But you don’t always have to write on one of our topics. If you love to write, you can write on the topic of your choice in the space below and send it in to us.


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Here are some of our best stories:

Give or Receive by Paige, 2nd grade

I think it’s nice to give other people things because you can feel happy and other people can feel happy. In my experience, I gave my dad a picture of Garry from ‘Sponge Bob’. He liked it. And I liked it. I also gave my brother a portrait of our family that I drew and he put a check on my dad and an x on my mom :)

Piggi Bank by Isaac, 2nd grade

It is clever or smart putting my money in piggy banks and putting the piggy bank under my bed so robbers can`t find it. If I keep saving money, I would go to New York and be a chef. If I was famous, I would make a pizza in the shape of a snake.

Piggy Bank by Luciana, 2nd grade

I think that having a piggy bank is smart because you can save up coins and exchange them for dollars. When you have dollars, it is easier to pay for stuff. I am saving up for an ipad mini. If I had an ipad mini, I would teach my brother how to play minecraft. I love keeping a piggy bank. An ipad mini costs $180.00. Would a piggy bank hold that much?

Piggy Bank by Mia, 2nd grade

I think it’s smart to have a piggy bank. I have a piggy bank and iI’m saving up for college. I’m also saving up for … TOY’S! My aunt gave me my piggy bank. My piggy bank is almost full with all those coins in it! I got more money on my birthday from my mom and aunt. The toys I’m saving up for are called shopie shopkins dolls and num noms! I hope I get a lot of toys! I will give my cousin some of the toys!

Give or Receive by Paloma, 2nd grade

I think it is nice to give things to people that are homeless because it makes me feel happy. I give things to people that I don’t need any more, like clothes and toys. I think if I gave homeless children toys, it will make them happy.

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