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Each week, Kid Scoop publishes a Weekly Writing Corner topic for students to respond to. See our list of weekly topics.

But you don’t always have to write on one of our topics. If you love to write, you can write on the topic of your choice in the space below and send it in to us.


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Here are some of our best stories:

Why Fidget Spinners Are Good or Bad by Elizabeth, 4th grade

Do you think that fidget spinners should be allowed? Well, I’ll give you information on why spinners should or shouldn’t be allowed at school!

This section is about why spinners are good at school: Some kids need them in order to focus on the lesson being taught. They need to have their hands moving or something like that.

But, this section is about why spinners are bad at school: Some kids love their fidget spinners so much that they are willing, and do, hide the spinner under their desks as the teacher comes their way. Another reason why they should be banned from schools is that they are a distraction, not only to the possessor, but also to the kids next to them. Kids tend to love watching the spinners spin, and then they watch the spinner and not the teacher and then they fall behind in the work and—all bad things happen.

Why Bully by Caitlyn, 7th grade

My question is why do people bully? I mean, it is not okay. Please make the world a better place. Bullying happens everywhere—school, store, even work (adults even bully). Seriously, be more mature. I think the world should be a peaceful happy place where more people want to be. Let’s all pitch in and stop the world of bullying around us.

All about Halloween by Lucero, 3rd grade

On Halloween we go trick or treating to houses and people give us candy.Some people who go trick or treating for candy are dressed with many coustumes. Some are cute and some are scary. My favorite is Minnie Mouse because she is so cute. Happy Halloween every body. THE END BOO

Dou You Want Fidget Spinners To Be Allowed At School Or Not? by Sanjay, 5th grade

I really do not like fidget spinners to be used at school because every time they fidget it it’s always annoying and distracting. Some times it is really distracting to the teacher and doesn’t let the teacher to teach at all. That’s why some students always say that fidget spinners are annoying.

Halloween Jokes and Riddles by Addicyn, 5th grade

What do you put on a pumpkin that needs ban-aid? Answer: A pumpkin patch!
What is orange and brown and sometimes it has a scary face on it? Answer: A Jack O’Lantern!
Why couldn’t you carve the pumpkin? Answer: Because it didn’t have any guts!
What do you call a scared pumpkin? Answer: Scardey seeds!
What kind of bear has no teeth? Answer: A gummy bear!
What kind of candy would a drowning person want? Answer: A life saver!
What do you call a cow that can’t moo? Answer: A milk dud!
What did the cute starburst say to the mars bar? Answer: Going my milky way!

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