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Each week, Kid Scoop publishes a Weekly Writing Corner topic for students to respond to. See our list of weekly topics.

But you don’t always have to write on one of our topics. If you love to write, you can write on the topic of your choice in the space below and send it in to us.


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Here are some of our best stories:

Fitness Favorite by Addy, 5th grade

My favorite way to exercise is gymnastics. My life and favorite sport. Gymnastics helps you exercise in so many ways here are some of the ways it does. Gymnastics keeps you in the gym for many days of the week. If your not a competitive gymnast you will normally do 2 days a week for an 1 hour each day. If you are a competitive gymnast like me you train 3-7 days a week for 3-5 hours a day. Gymnastics keeps you going. You are always moving. You are not just doing routines your doing conditioning also. Gymnastics dose not just exercise you. It teaches you about life. Things aren’t always going to go as planned in gymnastics like things aren’t going to go as planned in life. Have you ever thought about trying gymnastics? Well you should because I started out at two and now I do competitive and I love it!!

Spirit of the Olympics by Olivia, 5th grade

What do I think what the Spirit of the Olympics is? I think it means all the past people who have done the Olympics that have won or having a great Olympic spirit and good sportsmanship to everyone else. You should always have good sportsmanship when doing a competition or any game.

Fitness Favorite by Graham, 5th grade

My favorite way to exercise is shooting basketball at the gym. That is my favorite because I really like sports and basketball is my second favorite sport. Basketball helps calm me down when I am stressed and let’s me get some alone time play basketball to help me get better for my basketball team. I also just play basketball to have fun. Most of the time I play basketball with my friends and family because I personally think that playing with other people is more fun then playing by yourself. That is why shooting basketball is my favorite way to exercise.

Fitness Favorite by Claire, 5th grade

My favorite way to exercise is to do lacrosse (my everyday sport) or gymnastics for something to just in case lacrosse doesn’t come in mind. The reason why I do lacrosse and gymnastics to exercise is because lacrosse has ran along my family and I like playing it. I do gymnastics because my friend introduced it to me and now I do it for exercising too! Lacrosse includes speed, strength, capablity of throwing with a lacrosse stick and so much more. Hope you might want to try out these sports one day too!

Why Fidget Spinners Are Good or Bad by Elizabeth, 4th grade

Do you think that fidget spinners should be allowed? Well, I’ll give you information on why spinners should or shouldn’t be allowed at school!

This section is about why spinners are good at school: Some kids need them in order to focus on the lesson being taught. They need to have their hands moving or something like that.

But, this section is about why spinners are bad at school: Some kids love their fidget spinners so much that they are willing, and do, hide the spinner under their desks as the teacher comes their way. Another reason why they should be banned from schools is that they are a distraction, not only to the possessor, but also to the kids next to them. Kids tend to love watching the spinners spin, and then they watch the spinner and not the teacher and then they fall behind in the work and—all bad things happen.

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