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Inauguration Day 2017

Once every four years the world observes democracy on a global scale as the United States holds its inaugural ceremony to induct our new or reelected president into office. This peaceful transition of power distinguishes democratic nations from other countries where new leaders may not be elected by the people. The inaugural ceremony has traditional elements that include a sacred oath of office by which the president elect promises to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The Constitution is the founding document upon which our government was built and continues to operate. This issue will introduce young citizens to other aspects of the inauguration and presidency including the Inaugural Ball, meaning of national symbols including the president seal and what it’s like for children to grow up in the White House.

In this issue students will:

  • Read expository text about the inaugural ceremony
  • Sequence phrases in the presidential oath of office
  • Learn the meaning of American symbols and traditions
  • Calculate differences
  • Use the newspaper to assemble a list of topics affecting children that the president should consider
  • Write a letter to the new president
  • Read “closely” to complete a “cloze” rad about children in the White House
  • Hunt for “I” words to complete an alphabetizing challenge

6 page PDF