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Santa’s Workshop

Excited elves in your family or classroom will delight in hunting for the objects Santa needs to keep his workshop humming! From tracking down a dozen paint brushes to discovering hidden ornaments—observation, memory and concentration skills will be strengthened while … Continue reading

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

Gather the powdered sugar and candy canes, its time tp build your very own gingerbread house. Using crackers and assorted Christmas candy, enjoy recreating one of our designs or invent your own special creation. The most important ingredients in this … Continue reading

Holiday Crafts

Elves at the North Pole aren’t the only ones busy with crafts this season. Your junior designer can share in the holiday fun, too, with these simple crafts that use everyday objects found around the house. Young artists will practice … Continue reading

Christmas Craft

Cold weather brings activities indoors, and the holidays provide extra inspiration for arts and crafts time. Blending creativity with language arts and math is a winning combination for learning while having fun. This winter edition builds on snow, snow-people and … Continue reading

Reindeer Antlers

Legend tells us Santa’s reindeer play an important role during the holiday season, although most children don’t live where reindeer roam. In this issue students will read about unique physical features that help reindeer survive and discover solutions that naturalists … Continue reading

Christmas Bird Count

This issue highlights the Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) for Kids and tells budding ornithologists how they, as “citizen scientists,” can participate in an important annual task to help monitor the environment! Becoming a part of a larger organization develops … Continue reading

Tree Rings

Did you know that Christmas trees – like many other trees – can “talk” to you and tell a story about their past? It’s true! Looking at the base of a tree that’s been cut, you’ll see a series of … Continue reading

Elf Entertainment

Once the toys are finished, wrapped and delivered to children around the world, it’s time for the elves to have some North Pole fun! Until now, elf entertainment’s been top secret—but they’re ready to share with special friends how they … Continue reading

Santa Answers All

Ever wonder who does the grocery shopping in the Clause household, or what kind of milk Santa prefers? Here’s your chance to find out! Imagine you’re the reporter with a chance to interview Santa himself. What questions might you ask? … Continue reading


Very visible during the holiday season is the reindeer. This issue looks more deeply into the unique features and structures of reindeer that enable them to survive in the coldest climates. Fascinating reindeer facts include learning about hair follicles that … Continue reading