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Halloween Phobias

Halloween is a holiday dedicated to all things spooky—and everyone gets scared some of the time! But an extreme fear of something—a phobia—can often be relieved with a little understanding. Whether it’s an aversion to spiders, spooks, specters or spinach, … Continue reading

Black Cats

Black cats take center stage in this issue that highlights Halloween. Learn why these furry fun felines are associated with both good and bad superstitions—depending on your culture. Read carefully as you seek context clues to understand the importance of … Continue reading

Tricky Treats

Take advantage of the Halloween holiday to remind youngsters about healthy teeth habits. In this issue, students learn how cavities form when bacteria and glucose form acid and make holes in the enamel covering teeth. They will understand the importance … Continue reading

Silly Scary Stories

Halloween is a perfect occasion for spooky tales that captivate young readers and motivate young writers. Thanks to Dr. Booker Novel’s “Incredible Steam-Powered Story Generator”, your budding writer will select the charming characters, scary setting and peculiar plot to weave … Continue reading

Monster Elections

Combine Halloween fun with election time and what do you get? A “boo-tiful” way to interest students in the democratic process! When “Shrieker” party candidate, Howie Jumpalott, challenges the “Lurker” party candidate, Flora Whisp, their debate focuses on scaring curfews, … Continue reading

Halloween Science

Scare up some Halloween fun with the science experiments in this special issue. Follow directions to learn how baking soda and vinegar magically inflate a balloon. Mix some ghoulish ingredients to grow creepy monster mold. See how a simple highlighter … Continue reading