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Thanksgiving Crafts

The holidays are a gathering time for families and friends. Be prepared for the little ones with crafty ideas in this special Thanksgiving issue. Using everyday items found around your home and yard, little ones will be inspired to show … Continue reading

Meet the Wampanoag

National holidays offer a unique opportunity to learn history in the context of our favorite traditions. We associate Pilgrims with Thanksgiving Day and the Wampanoag were the native people who joined these early settles at the first celebration. Without the … Continue reading

Turkey Day Fun

Holidays celebrate history and traditions while developing a sense of patriotism in the next generation. Food, songs, stories and games add to the fun and learning. This issue highlights Thanksgiving with a focus on the bird of the season—the turkey. … Continue reading

The Pilgrim Game

Time to gobble up some Thanksgiving history and learn more about the Pilgrims who first shared a feast with the Native Americans near Plymouth Colony. Games and activities make learning fun for young readers as they explore this most American … Continue reading

Turkey Day Tournament

It’s Thanksgiving and time to share the fun. This issue is meant to be shared as young readers compete against each other in friendly games and puzzles with a Thanksgiving theme. Spelling, writing, drawing and math activities reinforce core skills … Continue reading

Turkey Day Troubles

Holidays are more exciting and memorable when children participate in activities leading up to the day. This issue takes young readers on a fun Thanksgiving journey where theme-based puzzles and games help get them in the spirit. From fitness to … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Poetry

This special holiday issue will motivate your young writer to practice vocabulary, write detailed sentences and Thanksgiving-themed poetry in a variety of forms. From art work using words for turkey feathers to dancing the Turkey Trot, young readers will have … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Together

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to share time with family and friends. This issue is a cornucopia of activities that requires a team of two to complete—a clever way to celebrate a true holiday gathering. From games and puzzles to … Continue reading

The Great National Bird Debate

Imagine you’ve just been hired to be the national bird of the United States. What exactly is your job? Our Founding Fathers—and Mothers—selected the bald eagle over the turkey as our nation’s official bird after much debate and discussion. This … Continue reading