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Scrub Squad

kid scrubbing hands

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of Enterovirus D68 or any flu or cold, is to wash your hands. Now Kid Scoop has a video and printable activity pages that help instill this message with your kids, to help them understand the simple steps they can take to reduce their risk of infection.

Scrub Squad Songbook

Download PDF

Experts say that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is the best way to make sure you remove germs and gunk. Memorize and sing one of these songs while you scrub to help you make sure that you wash long enough.

Watch kids sing songs from the Scrub Squad Songbook!

FREE Activity Pages

Download PDF

Scrub Squad

Learning to use soap properly is a fun and instructive adventure in health! Scrubber Squad reinforces good hygiene while explaining how hand washing, when done properly, prevents disease from spreading. Young readers will learn that hand sanitizers and soap serve different purposes – and why we need both in our fight against germs. They’ll enjoy using those clean hands in exercises specially designed for little fingers.

Pages for Newspapers

We also offer free pages for newspapers to print. Get them at our Kid Scoop for Newspapers site!

More Hand Washing Resources On the Web:

For Kids:

Why do I need to wash my hands?
Get the scoop here!

Handwashing: Cleaning Tips for Kids
The sections on this site contain plenty of helpful tips for both adults and kids about the importance of washing our hands.

Teeth, Hands and Body Hygiene Basics!

Kids Guide to Hand Sanitation & Public Health

For Teachers:

Food Safety Fact Sheets
Learn to improve the safety of the food you serve by washing hands frequently, correctly, and at the appropriate times with this PDF from the National Food Service Management Institute.

Ideas for school programs, free songs and videos
From Henry the Hand!

School-wide hand washing campaign
Report on impact of a school-wide hand washing campaign and resources for starting one.

A FREE K-1 lesson plan
On hand washing that also promote reading skills.

School Nurse’s Guide to Hand-Washing

For Parents:

Hand Washing
The importance of hand washing, the proper way to wash one’s hands and use alcohol sanitizers, and more.

Hand Washing Article for Parents
Why is hand washing so important? Written with parents in mind this article discusses the importance of hand washing and provides tips for getting reluctant hand washers to going the “Germ Patrol!”

Hand Hygiene Infographic

Bill Harley’s “Wash Your Hands” free song download available

Two time- Grammy Award winning songster/storyteller Bill Harley’s newest song “Wash Your Hands,” can be downloaded for free on his website. National Public Radio’s on “All Things Considered” played a segment of the song. To hear that piece click here.

Like the song says, “Wash your hands – lávate las manos!”