This Week in Kid Scoop

Sea Otters

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an exhibit where you can watch otters from the surface or underwater. But if you can’t visit Monterey, there’s a live sea otter cam and also video highlights of daily activity. Web Links Sea Otter … Continue reading

The Mighty Oak

The Native American legend of the three acorn maidens tells the story of what happens when an acorn falls from a tree. Click here for the scoop. Continue reading

Columbus Day

Watch this historically accurate video of Columbus’ voyage. Continue reading

Reaching a Goal

Goal and Goal setting for kids with five steps along the way and advice on tracking progress. Continue reading

Conflict Resolution 3

This cartoon gives ways to deal with kids losing their temper. Continue reading

Conflict Resolution 2

Watch this kids rap video about how to resolve a conflict. Continue reading

Conflict Resolution

The Little Light Foundation has a series of short videos that teach children about conflict resolution and mutual respect. Continue reading

Poems for Children

Lots of famous writers have written silly or nonsense poems and this site provides great examples. Continue reading

Mission to Pluto and Beyond

Going where “no man has gone before,” NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons is headed to the mysterious Kuiper Belt. Continue reading

Eclipse 101

Engage your curiosity and challenge your mind with these NASA resources, and make August 21 a day to remember. Continue reading