This Week in Kid Scoop

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

Want to create your own gingerbread house but don’t want the mess? Here’s a way! Continue reading

Open Spaces

Explore Fabulous Wetlands with Bill Nye! As Bill says, wetland is land that is wet! Bill Nye’s video reveals fascinating facts about wetlands that aren’t obvious when you look at them. Web Links Nature for KidsEnjoy the amazing world of … Continue reading

Budgeting for the Holidays

Put the puzzle pieces together and then learn some fun facts about money. Web Links Spending SpreePick an item you want to buy and then choose the amount of change to make the purchase. Change GameGet as much money in … Continue reading

Tasty Towns and Locales

Do you know how many places are named after turkeys or cranberries? Continue reading

Community Service

Kids love to help and here are some great ideas for young community helpers. Continue reading

Veterans Day: Vietnam Memorial

Park Ranger Jeff Jones describes the significance of the Vietnam Memorial known as The Wall. Continue reading

Money Trade

These cartoons show how trading goods and bartering developed into coinage and the ways we pay for goods today. Continue reading

Halloween Phobias

Watch out for the dragons and the ghosts and see home many pumpkins the witch can collect. Web Links Halloween Simon GameClick on the monsters in the same sequence as they make a sound to score points. National Geographic KidsHere’s … Continue reading

Sea Otters

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an exhibit where you can watch otters from the surface or underwater. But if you can’t visit Monterey, there’s a live sea otter cam and also video highlights of daily activity. Web Links Sea Otter … Continue reading

The Mighty Oak

The Native American legend of the three acorn maidens tells the story of what happens when an acorn falls from a tree. Click here for the scoop. Continue reading