This Week in Kid Scoop

Wants and Needs

Watch how students work out the differences between wants and needs. Continue reading

2018 Winter Olympics

There’s so much science and STEM involved in winter Olympic sports. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2018

You’re going to love this free online puzzle! Web Links Online Valentine’s Day GamesFind hidden hearts, match the hearts, jigsaw puzzles, find the matching hearts and more. Valentine’s Day Activity Pages from Kid Scoop How To Draw a Love Bug

Winter Sun

This You tube video shows time lapse of bubbles freezing. Continue reading

Feeling Good Naturally

Exercising creates the chemicals “feel good” chemicals in our brain. So, if you are feeling mad, sad, or bad—try going for a walk or turn on some music and dance! Or, go out and play any sport you enjoy. For … Continue reading

Day of Service

“What are you doing to help others?” — these links provide a resource for finding volunteer opportunities. Continue reading


In this game you can help will sort out wants from needs. Continue reading

Owen and Mzee

Everything you need to know about Owen and Mzee including a documentary, slides of Haller Park and the other animals that reside there, a music video, details about the books and Hipposodes—animated shorts. Continue reading

Love Our Planet

Our planet is awesome, National Geographic tells us why. Continue reading

Santa’s Workshop

You’ll need your thinking cap for this game where you need to direct the sugar flow into a cup. Progress through different levels. Continue reading