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This Week in Kid Scoop

Community Service

8 Service Projects Kids Can Do!

Kids love to help as much as adults. Here is a list of kid-tested projects.

  1. Make thank you cards for the fire fighters, peace officers, emergency medical people and other first responders in your community.
  2. Decorate place mats for the Meals on Wheels organization to distribute to seniors along with the meals.
  3. Organize an afternoon of playing board games at a local senior center – and play board games together!
  4. Have a garage sale or lemonade stand to raise money for a local charity.
  5. Bring gently used board games and cards to a local homeless shelter.
  6. Write a letter to a local elected official about a cause you care about.
  7. Put on gloves and collect litter at your local park.
  8. With some friends, make a “Welcome” guide for new students at your school. Include information about your favorite parks, a map of your neighborhood and fun things to do.