Try This At Home

Try these learning games with your child. Remember when parents and children read together, everyone is a winner! Use the newspaper as your reading material—the content changes all the time and it helps your child become connected with the community.

Words Make a Difference

Every person is unique (one of a kind). That means that YOU are UNIQUE. It is often the things that make you different that are the things that make you GREAT! Partner with a friend. Each make a list of … Continue reading

School Descriptions

The start of a new school year brings new explorations and adventures. List five adjectives that describe your school. List five verbs that describe your feelings about the new school year. List at least five things that you want to … Continue reading

Character Study

Choose two characters from stories you have read (or from Kid Scoop). Determine from their stories some of their characteristics, for example: grumpy, sad, shy, busy, funny, large, and so on. List characteristics and then compare and contrast the two. … Continue reading


Using headlines and ads, find words to make a crazy sentence. Draw a picture to illustrate your crazy sentence. Can you write a story to go with your sentence? Example:

Rhyme Time

Finding pairs of words that rhyme help in the writing of a limerick or poem. Your newspaper can help! Look through the newspaper for words that rhyme with: sun dog match fetch door silly wart cool fuss star

Color Your Words

This time of year it is fun to color eggs. But have you ever colored words? Adjectives make nouns more interesting, like colors make plain eggs more interesting. You can color your words with this game. Clip five nouns from … Continue reading

Kids Helping the Environment

Nellie Fly is looking for news about kids helping the environment. She saw some kids cleaning up a playground in their neighborhood. “What a great idea!” thought Nellie. “I am going to interview these kids so I can write an … Continue reading

Pay It Forward

The ripple effects of kindness starts with one person. One person compliments another, then that person holds a door open for someone and that person picks up a piece of litter and so on. Write something you could do to … Continue reading

Plural Words

In most cases, to make a word into its plural you can simply add an “s” or an “es.” But some words are the same in both single and plural forms. The plural of octopus is octopuses—not octopi. Can you … Continue reading

Our Five Senses

Our five senses are smell, sound, taste, sight and touch. Sometimes it is hard to find other words that describe these senses. Sit down with some friends or family members and see how many you can come up with in … Continue reading